The PACK Challenge

A real-world, end-to-end competition at PACK EXPO International that requires collaboration, creativity, conception, process, design, build, programming, debug, marketing and field installation knowledge – all put to the test in a competition format!

The Goal

Six local Chicago schools will receive pre-crated kits that contain components necessary to build a machine that fills the specified product into the provided container in a mock production line. These teams will have through October 2022 to design and build their machine, which will then be crated and shipped to PACK EXPO International.

The Competition

At the onsite PACK Challenge competition during PACK EXPO International, students will be required to build their filling machines on-site and conduct multiple presentations as part of the competition.

The Judging

Teams will be judged in a variety of areas, including design, operator training, changeover and sales/marketing.

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