What Do Past Attendees Say about PACK EXPO International?

“We were exposed to a new vendor that we wouldn’t have considered otherwise. It’s been helpful to be here and see new or alternative technologies, as well as newer models of equipment. New equipment for modernizing and for cleanability caught our interest, like robust design for clean-in-place and new system integration technology.” -

- Liz Wiczer, Calibration Coordinator and Manufacturing, Abbott

“We come to PACK EXPO International to learn what we don’t know and to find true innovation. This year, we are looking for a more environmentally friendly way, like glue, to bind bottles together. Packaging is a big deal for us, and the smaller our footprint, the better.”

– Darren Ward, Director of Engineering, Coca-Cola Southwest

“We’re currently addressing trends like e-commerce. In that market, as well as in boxes on-demand and catering, there are challenges with meeting high volume requirements and making production more robust. The show has connected us with vendors who are helpful for meeting these needs.”

– Savana Swanson, Packaging Specialist, Nestlé

“PACK EXPO International is a mixture of machinery and materials, so you get to see how you'd actually use the equipment. It’s nice to have all the suppliers in one building.”

– Karen Smith, Sourcing Manager, Rockline Industries

“There is so much to see and learn from being at PACK EXPO International. It is a great way to be introduced to a variety of packaging solutions while also connecting with other industry professionals. I am amazed at how huge this is.”

– Walter Schenk, Packaging Developer, The Clorox Company

“Recent tariffs are pressuring us to reduce packaging costs, so I'm at PACK EXPO International for supply chain solutions.”

– Trevor J. Baggett, Director of Global Sourcing, Floor & Decor

“It is much better to see something rather than just read about it. I came to PACK EXPO International to see innovations in labeling, liquid and powder fillers. I have met with several suppliers so far, and I love to have this hands-on experience before making a final decision.”

– Michael Becnel, Packaging Engineer, Syngenta Crop Protection

“I need conveying systems that can take product from two lines into one, and by coming to PACK EXPO International, I can go back to my production team and share the options with them. I can also see the machines in action here and interact with our sector of the market, which is key. There’s a whole lot of value in that.”

– David Molkenthine, Engineering Designer, Sargento Foods

“We’re interested in leak detection and container closure for injectables, and one of our vendors invited us to see its equipment in person. Being here answered a lot of our questions and reassurance about how the technology works and the solutions it can provide.”

– Anita Sharma, Formulation Scientist, Akorn

"Excellent way to network and see what is new and available in the packaging business."

- Proctor & Gamble, Engineer

"PACK EXPO is a great way to find new vendors and ideas, as well as an efficient way to interact with my existing suppliers."

- Danone North America, Director, Packaging Performance &Productivity

"These shows are a perfect meeting place with all the top pharmaceutical packaging machine manufacturers to compare and review the latest technologies, quotes, and lead times."

- Grand River Aseptic Manufacturing, Manufacturing Technical Specialist

"I was able to find several enabling technologies and suppliers for my start-up business. These will help me build my capacity and capability as we grow our business."

- RGP Horizons, LLC, President

"If you are in the food industry you NEED to visit this show! Bravo"

- Sam A Lupo & Sons, Inc., Owner

"It's very good and comprehensive show that brings everything related to packaging under one roof and one place."

- Pioneer Life Sciences, CEO

"Incredible breadth and depth of product exhibitors! This is truly a one-stop-shop for everything in the world that involves packaging."

- Abbit Brands. Inc., President and Managing Partner

"PACK EXPO offers so many opportunities to gain industry knowledge in equipment advancements and technology to enhance what we do on amore proficient basis day in and day out. The show is a must attend benefit to your operation."

- Eillien’s Candies, Inc. Maintenance Manager

"PACK EXPO is a premier event that provides opportunities to learn, explore, and engage with suppliers and end users in a positive way. Being able to see, touch, and experience offerings is critical to successful decision making."

- Honeyville, Vice President, Program Management

"PACK EXPO is an industry must! It is a great place to catchup with new technology and to obtain ideas even from other industries."

- B.Braun Medical Inc., Corporate Package Engineering

"The finest, widest array of any conceivable type of machinery that helps diverse industries evaluate and examine a range of packaging related solutions."

- WillPOWER Your Day, Inc. President

"The size of this Expo blew my mind. They had machines there I didn't even know existed. It was a beautiful way to be introduced to automation, and a great way to step up what you may have already in place."

- Go Energy Foods, Inc. Vice President

"Very useful forum for meeting business partners and for exploring new advancements in technology."

- Pepsico, Senior Director Engineering

"We believe after being at PACK EXPO that our contacts there will be a game changer for our business."

- Nourish Foods, Co-Founder