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november 3-6, 2024
chicago, illinois, usa

what attendees say about
pack expo international

You discover solutions you didn’t know where out there.

“I’m seeing so many things that I never even thought of before and I didn’t know was possible in the packaging world. Seeing a lot of sustainable innovations, which is really neat.”

- Louise Lower, Heat Makes Sense

“What is helpful since being here is actually seeing the variety of options we have. Instead of going with just the same old, same old that we’ve always done and upgrading to the latest and greatest for that; there’s all these other models, with all these other variations and extras.”

- Stephanie Testerman, Pepsi/Quaker Oats

“Some of the highlights were seeing smaller vendors I haven’t heard of, seeing what else is out there, and getting to take a look at options or alternatives that we hadn’t heard of before… A lot of vendors are coming out with new things every year. It’s different seeing it on their website and shopping versus getting to actually talk to somebody in person.”

- Caroline Weisgerber, Voyant Beauty

You problem-solve and get new ideas.

“The great thing is the vendors always send the right people to talk to you. You have really interesting, detailed discussions about real-world problems. It’s just fun to get to talk with a variety of vendors about how we can make our plants [and] our lines run better and solve really challenging problems.”

- Blake Cheney, Procter & Gamble

“Some of the highlights have been seeing demonstrations and also talking to different people who are here as attendees and seeing what is of interest to them, because that could potentially be of interest to us, as well.”

- Kevin Hergenreder, Home Chef

“PACK EXPO International is great for networking with peers, fostering relationships with suppliers, and having concentrated discussions on equipment solutions.”

– Anna Miller, Conagra Brands Inc.

It’s key to staying relevant.

“[Attending] will help us stay relevant because everything that I’ve seen thus far on the floor has been innovative, and innovation is the key to being sustainable in the long term.”

– Dr. Michael Lloyd, Num Num Sauce Company

“Our team has been to PACK EXPO previously and we know it’s the show to attend to find innovation.”

- Julia Ramos, Club Coffee

“There is a tremendous amount of innovation and technology enhancements available, and PACK EXPO International is the best way to stay up to date on global cutting-edge technology, products, and services.”

– Dr. Bianca Kiovanni, Simplicity Beverage Company LLC

“Every time I come here it’s like a new experience, finding out new ideas that are out there and new technology…it’s a must in this industry – you have to be a part of what’s going on…just trying to get on top of the trends before they become a huge thing.”

- Kassie Darling, Heat Makes Sense

There’s no better use of your time.

“This is literally a crash course on the entire industry in a few days.”

- Jess Marino, Direct Recruiters Inc.

“To try to do what you do at PACK EXPO would take weeks and weeks and weeks of phone calls and visits and flights. To be able to come here and meet with lots of suppliers and vendors and equipment manufacturers all in the same place, all at once, is extremely valuable.”

- Todd Jongen, US Foods

“PACK EXPO International is a great place to feel immersed in the world of packaging. I now have a better understanding of the industry, the equipment, and the vendors.”

– Shawn Goetz, General Mills