Rules & Regulations

Exhibitor Rules & Regulations

The PACK EXPO International and Healthcare Packaging EXPO 2020 Rules & Regulations are an integral and binding part of your contract. Following these guidelines helps everyone have a successful show.

Rules and Regulations

Make sure to review the Rules & Regulations for:

  • What may be exhibited
  • Space allowance
  • Installation and dismantling
  • Arrangement of exhibits
  • Rules for games, signage and more

IMPORTANT RULES UPDATE: Please note that the rules and regulations for booth display height have been updated. Booths 599 sq. feet and under have a max height of 12' and HANGING SIGNS ARE NOT PERMITTED. Booths 600-1499 sq. feet have a max height of 14' for all display material including hanging signs, and booths 1500 sq. feet and above have a max height of 18' for all display material including hanging signs. Setback rules apply. Please review the Rules & Regulations document attached to this email for full details on all rule changes.

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