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november 3-6, 2024
chicago, illinois, usa

Get Insight from Industry Insiders

Packaging and Processing Education at PACK EXPO International

Educational sessions at PACK EXPO International are included with your registration and take place right on the show floor. Drop in at any time to participate in sessions—it couldn’t be more convenient.

Learn from experts, suppliers, trade associations and members of PMMI’s OpX Leadership Network, a group of CPG manufacturers and OEMs who come together to develop best practices and protocols for the packaging and processing industry.

Innovation Stage

Get a heads up on industry developments with up-to-the-minute content. Learn about breakthroughs and discoveries, new products, and best practices during fast-paced, 30-minute seminars presented on three stages addressing dozens of topics.

Processing Innovation Stage

Find out about the latest breakthroughs in food and beverage processing, including food safety, HPP, sustainability, cleaning and more in 30-minute seminars. Content is targeted to food and beverage manufacturers.

Industry Speaks

Thought leaders hailing from PACK EXPO International Partner Associations will bring you intriguing views from a wide variety of vertical industries, address hot-button topics and share their thoughts on industry trends.

Reusable Packaging Learning Center

Learn about incorporating reusable assets for the transport and handling of goods into your supply chain reusables, increasing its sustainability and efficiency. Hear directly from suppliers and users of reusable packaging systems about topics such as logistics, intelligent supply chains, value assessment and more.

Emerging Brands Central

New at PACK EXPO International, Emerging Brands Central will feature free educational sessions with experts, designed for fast-growing brands who are scaling their manufacturing operations.