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Sunday – Tuesday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am – 3:00pm

Find the Perfect Containers and Materials for Your Products

The containers and packaging materials you use affect everything from the efficiency of your line to waste reduction, branding and the consumer experience. In the Containers and Materials Pavilion, you’ll discover solutions for responding to trends such as sustainability, recyclability, e-commerce and consumer convenience. Explore new packaging materials and containers to refresh your brand, launch a new product, broaden your appeal and attract attention.

Visit The Containers and Materials Pavilion in the West Building.

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The Containers and Materials Pavilion

Discover new materials or find the perfect container. In addition to paperboard, glass, metal and plastics, you’ll find ample choices in flexible packaging, resealable packaging, recyclable materials and plastic alternative materials.

In this special exhibit within the pavilion, see award-winning packaging from around the world that exemplifies how packaged goods companies are creatively adapting to consumer needs and trends.

“Sustainability is a huge priority for us, so whether it’s process related or materials and resins, we’re seeking more eco-friendly innovations to personal care packaging that also offer cost savings. It has been helpful to have all the materials grouped in The Containers and Materials Pavilion.”