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Use the Power of PACK EXPO to Build Your Brand

If you want to capture the attention of highly motivated and influential buyers, leverage the power of PACK EXPO International and Healthcare Packaging EXPO sponsorships and advertising—available exclusively to show exhibitors. 

Give us a call to discuss a sponsorship package that helps you reach your target audience and achieve your goals.

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Sponsorships & Advertising

Sponsorships & Advertising

Make your mark at PACK EXPO International and Healthcare Packaging EXPO!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity for prime brand exposure! Your logo and booth number will be featured at the bottom of double-sided aisle banners that attendees use to navigate the show floor. 


Aisle Banner

Take part in this exciting and high-energy event that allows packaging students the opportunity to tour the show floor, interact with exhibitors, and learn about new technologies in a creative and engaging way.  Taking place on Wednesday, November 11, the Amazing Packaging Race is the perfect opportunity to show your support for the future professionals of the packaging industry, as well as get your brand out there in front of attendees.  Your logo and booth number will be featured on pre-show promotion such as the show website, press releases, email blasts, and editorial coverage in Packaging World.  On-site, your logo will be showcased on signage in high-traffic areas, a Show Guide and Show Daily ad, as well as the t-shirts worn by the participating students.

Exclusive: $15,000

Participating Exhibitor: $500

Amazing Packaging Race   Amazing Packaging Race

This is one of the highest profile sponsorships.  Placing your ad on the attendee show bag will showcase your brand throughout the Convention Center.

Call for Pricing

Attendee Show Bag

Cheap Eats is located in the Lower Lakeside Hall of McCormick Place, and the promotion extends far beyond.  Your logo and booth number will appear on marketing for this affordable dining experience, including on-site signage and flyers, Show Guide, Show Daily, show website, and social media.


Cheap Eats

Make your impression before and at the attendees first stop at McCormick Place.  Your logo and booth number will appear in pre-show reminders of the 3 Coat & Bag Check locations.  The tickets distributed will be donned with your logo and booth number as a reminder of attendees next stop.  In 2018, there were approximately 11,800 items checked across all Coat & Bag Check locations.


Coat and Bag Check

Invite attendees to kick-back after a long day on the show floor with $3 beer and wine at the Concourse Bar, located at the Gate 4 entrance of McCormick Place.  Your logo and booth number will be front and center on cocktail napkins and prominent signage at the bar, as well as promoted in pre-show emails, our show website, and social media.


Concourse Bar

Pick a prime location for your branding and drive attendees to your booth with your powerful messaging right at their feet.

Grand Concourse (includes 2 escalators): $28,500

North Hall: $12,500

South to West Building: $12,500

South Lobby to South Hall (2 available): $12,500

Escalator Branding

These high traffic locations are highlighted in pre-show emails, countdown emails, attendee badge mailer, Show Guide, Signage, etc., and will feature your logo. Following the show, you will receive the contact information for the visitors to these lounges.

Exhibitor Member Lounge

Sponsor the First-Timer’s Lounge and receive access to the entire first-timer audience, creating brand recognition even before they arrive on-site at McCormick Place. Your logo and booth number will be featured on targeted first-timer direct mail, a badge mailer insert sent to all first-timer registrants, email blasts, social media, first-timer show guide ad, show daily mentions, and on-site signage.  Additionally, you will receive contact information for all visitors to the lounge at the end of the show.


First Timer's Lounge   First Timer's Lounge

Catch the eye of attendees and sponsor this exciting show floor destination.  High school robotics teams will showcase robots they have designed and built themselves with exciting demonstrations during show floor hours.  Your logo and booth number will be featured wherever the Future Innovators Robotics Showcase is promoted, including our show website, pre-show email blasts, show guide ad, show daily mentions, and on-site signage.


Robotics Showcase

Feature your company’s branding on the hotel keycards for 18 Chicago hotels.  Attendees will have a tangible reminder of your brand and booth number at the end of each day as they head to their hotel.


Hotel Keycards

Each attendee will be wearing your logo and booth number throughout the event.  Lanyards are distributed free of charge to attendees at registration and will provide them with a reminder of your booth number throughout the duration of the show.

Exclusive: $32,000

Two Co-Sponsors: $18,000 (each)


Your company branding and booth number will be featured on the coffee cups used for the unlimited morning coffee service, which takes place in two locations of McCormick Place on all 4 days of the show. Reap the benefits of extensive promotion for the morning coffee service, including pre-show email blasts, social media, acknowledgement in the Show Guide and Show Daily, and prominent on-site signage at the coffee service.

Exclusive: $44,000

Per day (4 days available): $11,800

Morning Coffee

Tap in to the thousands of attendees that use the Metra as their main form of transportation to the show.  Your logo and booth number will be printed on each Metra pass, which are distributed on-site and in the pre-registered attendee badge mailing.  The exposure doesn’t stop there; your logo and booth number will be included on prominent on-site signage for the Metra, located in the Grand Concourse of McCormick Place.  In 2018, 51,000 Metra cards were distributed on-site and in the pre-registered attendee badge mailing.



Support the efforts in giving back to this year’s PACK gives BACK beneficiary.  Don’t miss your name in lights while we enjoy and evening of supporting a great cause.  Your logo will be featured on pre-show countdown emails, our show website, Show Guide, Show Daily and on-site signage promoting this exciting event.

Title Sponsor: $35,000

Gold Sponsor: $25,000

PACK gives back  PACK gives back

Place your company logo and booth number front and center on the My Show Planner kiosks that attendees use to search the show and plan their itinerary.  Your prominently placed booth number will make it that much easier for attendees to add your booth as one of their must-see stops for the day!

10 locations: $5,000 each

Product Locators

Showcase your brand by sponsoring this popular show floor destination, designed to display packaging award winners’ products from all around the globe.  Your logo will be featured on prominent signage at the Showcase and on directional and digital signage throughout the convention center.  Benefit from extensive pre-show promotion including the Showcase of Packaging Innovations online exhibitor listing, direct mail, press releases, email blasts, social media, and recognition in the Show Guide and Show Daily.


Showcase of Packaging Innovations

Highly visible and impactful.  Your branding on the steps of the Grand Concourse will leave a lasting first impression among attendees and drive their traffic straight to your booth.

South Building Entrance (2 available): $30,000 (each)

Stair Graphic

Your ad will appear on the prominent video wall in the Grand Concourse, situated between the busy North and South Halls, as well as, the shuttle bus screens, in front of the captive audience to and from the 80+ hotels and McCormick Place.

Digital Ads (10 available): $ 9,500

video wall

Have your logo at the forefront of pre-show marketing, to all attendees and targeted vertical markets. The on-site signage will also include your logo and booth number. You will receive the contact information of the visitors in this space.

Beverage & Snack Knowledge Center

Exclusive: $6,500
3-Co-Sponsors: $3,500 (each) 

Candy Bar Lounge

Exclusive: $6,500
3 Co-Sponsors: $3,500 (each)

Candy Bar Lounge  Candy Bar Lounge

Each and every attendee that connects to the Wi-Fi network will be greeted by your brand front and center. Your logo and booth number will be featured on pre-show badge mailings, countdown emails, Show Guide, Wi-Fi splash page and on-site signage.

Exclusive: $27,500

Gold Package: $435

  • Company Logo
  • Access to Online Leads
  • Receive 2x more views than the basic listing; an average of 315 views

Platinum Package: $2,995

  • All offerings included with the Gold Package, PLUS:
  • Inclusion in the Premium Exhibitor Search
  • 4 product image/text panels
  • 50 attendee email invites
  • Receive 3x more views than the basic listing; an average of 919 views

Diamond Package: $4,995

  • All offerings included with the Platinum Package, PLUS:
  • 4 video panels (for a total of 8 display panels)
  • Online booth is highlighted with a corner peel
  • Priority placement at the top of all online searches
  • 100 attendee email invites
  • Receive 6x more views than the basic listing; an average of 1,703 views

Your brand will stand out on the device that attendees can’t live without- their cell phones!

Exclusive Sponsorship: $21,750 
Includes your branding displayed on the splash screen each time an attendee accesses the mobile app. Additionally, your branding will appear in the footer banner which is included on the schedule, exhibitor lists, maps and more.  Receive extensive pre-show promotion via email, print, mail, and web and keep the mobile app (and your brand) fresh in attendees minds.

Push Notifications: $2,500 each (2 per day available)
Includes scheduled notifications that are pushed out to mobile app users during the show.  Include an attention-catching headline and description to drive attendees straight to your booth.


Your ad will be featured on, rotating between the 4 home page ad spots, a large home page feature and presence on each interior page.

4 Available: $10,500 (each)

Place your logo on the first email attendees receive as soon as they register! Attendees are encouraged to review their confirmation often and print before arriving on-site.  And even before they are confirmed, attendees will see your logo and booth number on each page of the registration site.

Attendee: $7,800 (3 available)

Place your ad in the number one tool that attendees reach for when navigating the show.

Back Cover: $16,500

Inside Front Cover: $11,500

Inside Back Cover: $10,200

Two-Page Spread Ads: $10,000

Front Cover Corner Peel: $7,500

Divider- Full Page: $6,200

Single Page Ad: $4,900

Divider-One-Third Page Ad: $3,500

Floor Plan Logos: $1,500

Tabloid Page: $7,986

Two-Thirds Page: $6,996

Standard/Half Page: $6,275

One-Third Page: $4,452

One-Quarter Page: $3,311

One-Sixth Page: $1,991

Generate leads and promote your presence at the show with PMMI Media Group’s leading print publications and digital ad products. Connect with prospects and pre-registered attendees via unique products you won’t find anywhere else!


  • Packing World - October PACK EXPO Issue (closing 9/8)
  • Healthcare Packaging - Sept/Oct PACK EXPO issue (closing 9/11)
  • OEM - Fall issue with bonus distribution to each booth (closing 8/5)
  • ProFood World - October PACK EXPO Issue (closing 9/14)
  • Contract Packaging - July/Aug issue (closing 7/10)
  • Automation World - October issue (closing 9/17)


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