Explore the Past, Present and Future of Packaging

PACK to the Future

Join us for the story of packaging and people who saw a better way and made it happen— learning from what we knew yesterday to solve the challenges of today and make a better tomorrow.

You’ll follow the evolution of modern packaging and processing over 250 years to the present and explore key trends shaping the future. See historical equipment, artifacts, images, interactive content and speakers that illustrate how people changed the past and are creating the future of packaging.

Explore How History Shaped Packaging

Travel back in time and discover how packaging developed alongside trade, how the industrial revolution drove mass production and innovation, and how scientific and digital revolutions spawned new technology. See special exhibits on the evolution of sustainability and other important developments.

Discover Packaging Today

On the show floor, see how the packaging and processing industry is adapting to present-day demands for e-commerce, sustainability, remote access, healthcare packaging and more. Visit the exhibitor directory to see the products and technologies on display.

Spark Your Curiosity for the Next Generation

Attend free presentations by industry experts discussing reusable packaging, future trends in manufacturing and sustainability.  

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See a Piece of History—Packaging Machines of the Past 120 Years

Explore first-hand how packaging and processing equipment evolved through real historical packaging machines and replicas dating back to the late 1890s.

Stay tuned for a full list of historical machines on display.