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november 3-6, 2024
chicago, illinois, usa

pack expo international Exhibitor Webinars

Get ready for PACK EXPO International with our Exhibitor Webinars! These sessions, both live and on-demand, are invaluable for gearing up or the event and boosting your show presence. Best of all, they're free! Be sure to sign up ahead of time, engage fully, and put those valuable insights into action. Keep an eye out for further details!

On-Demand Webinars:

Take advantage of on-demand tutorial-style webinars which provide quick and convenient, laser-focused training that can be accessed according to your schedule!

Live Webinars:

Elevating Trade Show Strategies: How to 10x Your Investment at PACK EXPO

July 18, 2024
Presented by: 
Matthew Neuberger, Neuberger and Company

Join sales expert Matthew Neuberger to uncover how to elevate your presence at PACK EXPO. Learn to stand out through personalized approaches, foster strong relationships, and deploy impactful digital communication strategies. He will also discuss unique selling points and how to tailor your approach to cater to your ideal clients’ needs to help deliver unparalleled value that sets you apart from the competition.

How to Design a Compelling Visitor’s Experience + How to Promote Your Booth Before and During the Show

August 1, 2024
Presented by: 
Jefferson Davis, President, Competitive Edge

Jefferson will unveil strategies for designing a booth that stands out among the competition along with effective attention-grabbing techniques. He’ll also delve into tactics for boosting traffic to your booth and enhancing attendee engagement through interactivity.

Understanding the Importance of Lead Retrieval and the Digital Backpack

August 15, 2024
Presented by: 

Listen as CDS discusses the process of choosing the optimal Lead retrieval device tailored to your company’s needs, navigating the ordering of both devices and software, and uncovering the advantages of having a Digital Backpack at your fingertips.

Know Before You Go: Preparing for PACK EXPO International

August 29, 2024
Presented by: 
PACK EXPO Services

Tune in as PACK EXPO Services delves into essential preparations for the show! They’ll cover crucial topics such as Shipping and Material Handling Guidelines, Marshalling Yard Logistics, Move-in/Out Protocols, and Onsite Details to ensure you’re fully equipped for the event.