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november 3-6, 2024
chicago, illinois, usa


The Customer Invite Program is a valuable resource, offered free of charge, that’s proven to increase booth traffic and attract high-quality attendees to your business. This program provides you with an exclusive comp code and a complete set of tailored pre-show marketing materials, all accessible through a user-friendly dashboard.

Already have your own marketing tools?

Take advantage of the Customer Invite Program assets to enhance your existing marketing strategy without any extra expense. Equip your sales team with user-friendly tools to boost traffic to your booth. Or simply share your comp code with your customers and prospects to offer them FREE registration.

Drive traffic to your booth by inviting guests to register for free with your comp code via the Customer Invite Program!

With just a few clicks you can share your comp code via:

  • Customized emails
  • Banner graphics & Email signatures
  • Social media posts
  • Customized printable PDF
  • Your customized registration landing page link