Explore the Evolution of Packaging and Processing

PACK to the Future

An Interactive Show Floor Must-See! In the West Building, Booth W-20001

Join us for the story of packaging and people who saw a better way and made it happen— learning from what we knew yesterday to solve the challenges of today and make a better tomorrow.

You’ll follow the evolution of modern packaging and processing over 250 years to the present and explore key trends shaping the future in live sessions occurring on the PACK to the Future Stage.

And Get a Glimpse into the Future…

Spark your curiosity for the next generation by attending free sessions presented on the PACK to the Future Stage.

Hear from industry experts discussing topics such as:

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See 30 historical packaging machines and replicas on display dating back to the late 1800’s
Check out timeline walls covering 250 years of history
Participate in an interactive audio tour featuring interesting facts and historical revelations
Take fun quizzes to test your knowledge of the industry
Visit a featured area dedicated to Women in Packaging and Processing
Don't miss a unique and interactive display of the industry’s sustainability efforts past, present and future.

Don't Miss This! A Corrugated Car of the Future VR Experience

Take a ride in a time-traveling sportscar and use VR headsets to learn about sustainable packaging and the industry’s Box to Nature program, an initiative to help improve residential recycling by educating and encouraging consumers to recycle their paperboard and corrugated boxes.  

This experience is provided by the
Paper + Packaging Board.