Looking for E-Commerce Solutions at PACK EXPO?

Read about e-commerce solutions exclusively available to you at PACK EXPO International this fall. Solutions such as shrink wrap, one-piece shipping liners, fiber-based packaging, and mailer bags will be on exhibit to assist you for your e-commerce needs. Learn more about the robotic solutions, automatic baggers, picking carts, bundlers, automated sortation, and banding equipment that can help your company succeed in the growing e-commerce space. Also, learn about the tools and education available to assist you in your logistics and fulfillment center challenges.

3M- Scotch

Booth #W-23007

Scotch™ Brand will showcase its sustainable alternative to plastic bubble, Scotch™ Cushion Lock™ Protective Wrap. This durable all-in-one expanding paper wrap cushions, immobilizes and conforms to item for proven protection during shipping.

ABM by Prodex

Booth #W-22068

AMB by Prodex will display its bubble wrap solutions for safe e-commerce shipping.

ADE, Inc

Booth #N-19025

ADE, Inc. will display its FlexNStretch® line of packaging, that is ideal for safely shipping consumer electronic devices.

APR Solutions

Booth# LL-10521

APR Solutions will highlight e-commerce equipment, such as its semi-automatic machine for applying glue and double-sided adhesive on corrugated cardboard and folding and gluing various jobs.

AUM Paper Products will showcase its range of e-commerce mailer bags.


Booth #N-8738

Acumatica will showcase its secure, integrated, and future-proof ERP solution for today’s retailers and e-commerce merchants.

AERIS will highlight its eco-friendly inflatable air-chamber packaging designed to protect your products easily, cost-effectively and completely during e-commerce shipping.

AirWave Packaging will display its high-quality air cushioning machines, air cushion films, and other accessories for transport protection.

Airguard Packaging

Booth #N-21003

Airguard Packaging will showcase its Automated Air Cushion System, custom-designed to protect a wide range of products during shipping and handling.

Allied Technology

Booth #N-8006

Allied Technology will showcase its end-of-line packaging machinery, from robotic palletizing to robotic case packing for retail logistics & e-commerce needs.

AptarGroup, Inc

Booth #N-4740

Aptar offers e-commerce capable dispensing closures, pumps, pouch fitments, pressurized products, and sealing technologies designed to withstand the e-commerce challenging shipping and handling.

Pacfo will showcase its various e-commerce solutions including boxes, courier bags, tapes, and bubble wrap.

BAG Packaging

Booth #LU-8656

BAG Packaging will highlight its e-commerce poly mailer bags that are 80% recyclable.

BeardowAdams, Inc

Booth #N-4870

Beardow Adams will display its adhesives range for packaging including case and carton sealing and closing and e-commerce adhesives.

Ben Clements and Sons will highlight its automated label applicator that services multiple industries including e-commerce, fulfillment, and shipping.

Calumet Carton will display its frustration-free packaging for e-commerce that ensures easy fulfillment, easy open/close options.

Clysar, LLC

Booth #N-3766

Clysar will display its high-strength film for use in secondary e-commerce packaging and shipping.


Booth #LU-8434

DHL will discuss its supply chain solutions and e-commerce fulfillment solutions.

DS Smith North America Packaging and Printing will promote its fully recyclable corrugated packaging for the food/beverage, consumer goods and e-commerce space.

Dhwani will highlight its custom polymailers and air bubble bags for use in e-commerce.


Booth #N-3547

Wulftec, a Duravant company, will showcase its fully customizable automation solutions for end-of-line packaging applications for e-commerce.

FastFetch Corporation

Booth #N-22078

FastFetch will highlight batch picking cart technology for e-commerce fulfillment.

Felins USA, Inc

Booth #N-19019 & 3842

Felins will showcase its ultrasonic banding systems for packaging, as well as bulk mail strapping and tying & banding mailroom equipment to maintain bundle integrity from point A to B.

Garrido Printing will highlight its the SE Series Continuous Motion Side Sealer designed for e-commerce fulfilments centers.

H.B. Fuller Company

Booth #N-24050

H.B. Fuller will highlight its various e-commerce solutions like fiber-based tear tapes, e-commerce packaging equipment & hot-melt adhesives.

Hugo Beck will highlight its film and paper packaging machines specifically for e-commerce and mail order requirements.

Hexcelpack, LLC

Booth #N-21029

Hexcelpack will showcase its eco-friendly packing products for e-commerce shipping like void fill, wrap & mailing solutions.


Booth #N-1518

HolwegWeber will showcase its e-commerce ship & return solution that includes its e-commerce envelope bags.

Impackt Packaging will show its range of poly bubble mailers, tapes and more for e-commerce fulfillment.

International Paper

Booth #N-4743

International Paper will showcase its renewable, fiber-based & corrugated packaging products for use in e-commerce.

Intertape Polymer Group will display its packing tapes, cushioning, void fill & case packang for use in e-commerce applications.

KPI will discuss its services in reviewing your order fulfillment system requirements and recommending best-of-breed technologies such as logistics solutions for eCommerce to achieve your business goals.

Kav Imports LLC

Booth #N-9602

Kav Imports will showcase its cost-effective, lightweight mailer bags for transporting & shipping items.


Booth #N-4153

Limitronic will showcase its industrial high-resolution marking printers for use in e-commerce packages.


Booth #LU-6955

Loadhog will display its e-commerce solutions including the wide assortment of containers fitting within a euro footprint used by various retailers, including a national French supermarket chain, to facilitate click & collect shopping.

MARIPAK will highlight its e-commerce automation system that prints and applies product-specific shipping labels.

New Age Industrial

Booth #N-5674

New Age will showcase its variety of products, including carts, racks, dollies & tables for all departments within supermarkets including bakery, dairy, deli, meat, produce, stock rooms and e-commerce.

Nordic Cold Chain Solutions will display its cold chain shipping solutions specifically designed for meal kit packaging.

Packsize Internation will highlight how to fulfill orders fast and efficiently with Packsize E-commerce distribution packaging.

Packsmart LLC

Booth #N-5578

Packsmart will highlight its products such as air bubble film, air bubble mailer, stretch film, packing tape, and small air bubble film machine for e-commerce applcations.

Paperboard Packaging Solutions will show its ECORR® Crate that meets or exceeds the strength of a standard wood crate but is lighter, more cost-effective, and 100% recyclable.

Pineberry will showcase its mailing and order fulfillment systems that can be set up for labeling, inserting, packing slip insertion, feeding, collating, equipment solutions to meet same day e-commerce shipping requirements.

Pregis, LLC

Booth #N-3834

Pregis will promote its e-commerce solutions including void fill, cushioning, mailing & bagging, and wrapping.


Booth #N-22051

Ranpak will display its protective paper packaging systems for e-commerce.

Rehrig Pacific Company will display its totes, pallets, and bins for e-commerce logistics needs.

Schoeller Allibert will promote its plastic "returnable transport packaging" (RTP) containers, which provide reusable, sustainable packaging solutions for retail and e-tail fulfillment providers.

Sealed Air will display its e-commerce & fulfillment equipment solutions including universal inflation system, poly mailers, and automated mailers.

Skillful International will highlight its mailer boxes, pouches, and bubble mailers.

Smart Karton

Booth #W-24036

Smart Karton will display its Retention Pack, sustainable solution for replacing EPS foam & foam-in-place inserts, that is 100% paper.

Soft Robotics

Booth #N-5230

Soft Robotics will highlight its e-commerce robotic solutions including the mGripAI high-speed, bulk picking technology that includes 3D vision and artificial intelligence software.

Stamar Packaging

Booth #N-28055

Stamar Packaging will highlight its packaging products and services including mailers, polybags, envelopes, and corrugated boxes, as well as right-sized packaging & fulfillment services.

Stephen Gould will highlight its service to automate its customers' e-commerce order processing by integrating all sales platforms to create online storefronts while managing sourcing, inventory, shipping, and returns.


Booth #W-24077

Tamperguard will highlight its tamper-evident security bag tapes, packing tapes and label materials.

The HC Companies

Booth #N-28006

The HC Companies will promote its molded pulp growing containers for use to protetc products during shipping.

Tompkins Robotics

Booth #N-5365

Tompkins Robotics will highlight its tSort™ AMR solution to enable your very own uni-channel supply chain infrastructure. The robotic suite offers a solution for almost every application in e-commerce and is integrated with a robust warehouse execution software.

Trimurti Polychem

Booth #W-25065

Trimurti will highlight its security bags and corrugated products that service e-commerce markets.

Trimurti will promote its sustainable packaging solutions including recyclable, bio-degradable, and compostable bags & boxes used in e-commerce fulfillment.

Tutor Intelligence

Booth #N-5583

Tutor Intelligence will highlight its packing & parcel sortation robots that efficiently pack items from conveyers, bins, and more with our drop-in solution.

United States Postal Service will highlights its delivery/ shipping capabilities for a variety of industries, as well as available e-commerce packages.

Videojet will display its solutions to deliver hchieve high-resolution print with consistent text , logo and bar code quality on cases and bulk POS packaging.


Booth #N-2130

West Rock will showcase its Pak On Demand™ Mailer System, which creates a lightweight, curbside recyclable mailer on demand and seals the package for shipment.

Wexler Packaging Products, Inc

Booth #N-19019 & 3842 & 8847

Wexler will highlight its ultrasonic banding machine for use in the logistics/ e-commerce space.

E-Commerce Innovation Stage Sessions

E-commerce Packaging Trends - How Can They Support Sustainability (Felins)

Sunday, Oct. 23, 1:00-1:30 p.m., Innovation Stage 2 (N4580)

The growth in e-commerce over the past few years has been staggering. Gina Barrieau, an expert in e-commerce packaging, and will share current trends and innovations and discuss how e-commerce and sustainability can go hand in hand.

Guiding Trends in Manufacturing

Sunday, Oct. 23, 1:30-2:30 p.m., PACK to the Future Stage

The Guiding Trends in Manufacturing presentation at the Pack to the Future stage will highlight the top industry and machine trends steering the course of the manufacturing industry. Attendees will learn how labor challenges, sustainability, and the rise of e-commerce are influencing the manufacturing decisions of tomorrow. The presentation will also explore how machine integration, robots, and artificial intelligence are transforming operations and propelling manufacturing to new heights of efficiency. Come learn how the manufacturing industry is preparing for the challenges of the future by addressing the trends of today.

Power Your Performance: Integrated Solutions by Design (Honeywell Intelligrated)

Sunday, Oct. 23, 2:00-2:30 p.m., Innovation Stage 3 (N4585)

Overcome the complexities of automating distribution and fulfillment (D&F)operations with integrated solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Thomas Evans, robotics chief technology officer at Honeywell Intelligrated, will discuss the latest software, hardware and overall system enhancements in articulated robotics, next-generation shuttles, micro-fulfillment applications and storage solutions. 

Enable Recyclable Packaging with Open Sesame® Tear Tapes (H.B. Fuller)

Monday, Oct. 24, 12:00-12:30 p.m., Innovation Stage 1 (N4560)

Exceed your plastic free packaging goals and consumers rising expectations with our breakthrough innovation, Open Sesame® fiber-based tear tapes for e-commerce packaging. Our global patent-pending sustainable product eliminates unnecessary plastic in e-commerce packaging and adds useful high-quality fiber to the recycling stream which betters our planet.

E-commerce Fulfillment – Business case for a SLAM solution

Monday, Oct. 24, 12:30-1:00 p.m., Industry Speaks (N4565)

Industry Speaks Stage MHI’s SLAM Industry Group is made up of the companies that provide the software, hardware, and integrated solutions that go into the last 100 feet. Together these companies collaborate to provide thought leadership and education on best practices in this critical area of your operation. Key takeaways:
• What is a SLAM system? Stands for Scan, Label, Apply, and Manifest, but it is so much more…
• Core components of SLAM (what you see and what you don’t)
• How to mitigate risk in your fulfillment operation

Robotic Piece Picking with Deep Learning in Industrial Automation (Siemens Industry Software)

Monday, Oct. 24, 2:00-2:30 p.m., Innovation Stage 2 (N4580)

Exceed your plastic free packaging goals and consumers rising expectations with our breakthrough innovation, Open Sesame® fiber-based tear tapes for e-commerce packaging. Our global patent-pending sustainable product eliminates unnecessary plastic in e-commerce packaging and adds useful high-quality fiber to the recycling stream which betters our planet.

Thinking ABOUT the Box (Packsize)

Tuesday, Oct. 25, 12:00- 12:30 p.m., Innovation Stage 3 (N4580)

In this presentation, Hanko Kiessner, founder and executive chairman of Packsize, will guide you through the most cutting edge innovations in the packaging industry to help you improve your logistics capability, reduce labor needs, and accelerate your ability to deliver – literally!

The Returnity Package Deal: Less Waste, Lower Costs (Returnity)

Tuesday, Oct. 25, 12:30- 1:30 p.m., PACK to the Future Stage

With 100B global parcel deliveries a year, and over 200B by 2026, the environmental impact is undeniable. In the U.S. alone, it’s enough packaging to pave a mile-wide cardboard road from NYC to LA and back - three times over. Returnity replaces single-use shipping and delivery packaging by designing, manufacturing, and implementing cost-effective reusable packaging and circular logistics systems for companies like Walmart, Estée Lauder, New Balance, Rent the Runway, and others. 

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