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Technology Excellence Awards


Thank you for participating in the inaugural Technology Excellence Awards. Be sure to stop by the winners’ booths to check out their innovative products.

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Automatic Changeover

Does your cartoning line struggle with changeover precision, wasting time and product as each setting is dialed in?  Triangle Package Machinery Company’s new Changeover Wizard, available on the Flex I Cartoner – Gen 3, converts the art of the changeover into science. The Changeover Wizard evaluates all machine adjustment settings stored within the carton recipe. If operator intervention is required to shift or change a part, the wizard alerts the operator with photos identifying the part, as well as text instructions. The wizard also manages the coordinated motion of 21 actuators, nine servo motors, and two manually powered electronic position indicators.

For the past two years, Triangle Package Machinery has collaborated with customers to deliver intelligent support to cartoning operators in their increasingly complex work. The Changeover Wizard is the result of this collaboration. The product is designed to provide technical assistance to support workers with comprehensive visual instructions. By combining instructions for all manual changeover operations with the coordinated motion of all automatic machine adjustments, this product allows the customer to changeover between carton sizes with high repeatability and low training cost. This product is designed to reduce the time required to produce acceptable cartons, thereby providing higher OEE and reducing waste.

Triangle Package Machinery’s Changeover Wizard deserves to win the technology excellence award not only because it is designed to save earth’s precious resources and assist packaging machinery operators, but also because it is the embodiment of Industry 4.0. Thank you for your consideration.

Chamber PouchesSun Centre USA has partnered with Arranti to create the innovative Chamber Pouch.  This stand-up flexible gusset pouch for packaging, with multiple chambers. This is uniquely suited for packaging and selling combos of two or more products in their own isolated compartments within one single pouch, which are normally sold together, and which are normally expected to be used around the same time, or to be mixed together at the point of use, or to be combined in certain ratios and dosages.

Multi-compartment stand-up pouches can be used for convenient packaging of any type of suitable content, such as (but not limited to) dry powders, granular products, flow-able solids, liquids, paste, etc.

These pouches can have re-closeable zippers, spouts sliders, hook to hook, and spray triggers to name a few. The pouch can be fitted with various types of carrying or hanging implements, ranging from top panel fitted with one or more finger-holes or hang holes, to straps and/or handles formed into top panels or attached to the pouch at various suitable positions.

Stand-up flexible pouches are designed to stand on their own once they are filled with product.  When they are empty, the pouches weigh very little and can be stored completely flat; saving a tremendous amount of space for recycling purposes.  Stand-up pouches take up a lot less shelf space than traditional boxes, bottles or cans; since space costs money, whether in inventory or in freight, stand-up pouches can certainly help improve the "bottom line".

Leather Print PackagingLeveraging innovative printing technology, Bemis developed the leather print pack for Slim Jim. The simulated leather texture and look for the Slim Jim Premium Smoked Sticks delivers additional cues of authenticity and quality for this trusted and well-known brand.

The Slim Jim leather print package is reverse printed OPET, with surface applied “leather effect” coating in register. It is adhesive laminated to an internally developed barrier sealant film.  The roll stock is then turned into pouch and filled with product.

This printing innovation enabled brand extension and premiumization for Slim Jim through a visually and texturally differentiated experience from traditional meat stick offerings, while still maintaining critical brand recognition.

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LEWA TriplexA membrane based homogenizer with hermetically sealed liquid end, thus no area for microbes to pass vs. conventional plunger based homogenizer where mechanical seal is prone to failure, the plunger friction is problematic (wear) and the plunger designs are questionable as an aseptic solution according to EHEDG. Our approach is easy to CIP/SIP and the typical diaphragm service life 8.000 hours which translates to long uninterrupted production cycles even under extreme pressure and temperatures.





Sealed RotaryRA-Jones_logo.png

This patent pending design is a drive mechanism that has fully enclosed components and is designed for high temperature, high pressure wash down, allowing for a higher level of sanitation for primary packaging in the food, dairy, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. The drive mechanism utilizes multiple rotary tracks for movement, providing the highest levels of control and precision.  Adjustments are recipe-driven from the HMI for quicker changeovers.  The sealed rotary drive mechanism is utilized in multiple station designs on the R.A Jones 3-A certified Autoprod CF-400 and is available to see on display in the Coesia booth, 2501 at PackExpo. 

View the sealed rotary drive mechanism in action on the Autoprod CF-400




The STANDCAP pouch is an easy-to-use lightweight inverted pouch package that stands up on its dispensing cap. It provides mess-free dispensing, 99% product evacuation, and instant shelf impact. The package design is proprietary and has recently been awarded a U.S. patent.

Co-developed by Volpak and Daisy Brand, the STANDCAP pouch solution can be utilized for a variety of food, personal care, and home care products. The inverted wedge-shaped structure provides a large billboard to enhance brand visibility. The light flexible pouch material allows for one-hand dispensing while reducing material usage. The flip top cap provided by Aptar, features a no-spill valve to close the package safely after every use.

The STANDCAP pouch combines the easy handling of a bottle with the convenience of a pouch in an extraordinary way.


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ACOPOStrak adaptive track technologyConsumer marketing strategies are changing to reach new generations, the millennials and beyond.  That's why B&R Industrial Automation's new track technology adapts to individual products being ordered, processed and packaged, instead of making products adapt to machine setup, sequential production run and changeover.  B&R's ACOPOStrak technology enables economical mass customization all the way down to batch size one.

The mechatronic systems consist of independently controlled shuttles on a a network of tracks that can be conifigured to include any number of workstations, subtracks, spurs and transfers.  Applications include rainbow packaging to individual consumer order, meal kit assembly, individualized pharmaceutical and surgical kits, customized watch and device assembly -- all packaged and able to ship direct from the production line to the consumer.

The track technology is currently being implemented by packaging and production machine builders and systems integrators to apply their process-specific expertise to the new, non-sequential production model. Commercial packaging and assembly machinery is already available in Europe, and the track technology is now being launched in North America.


Evolabee-Commerce drives in-line labeling requirements to higher levels and leading providers of warehouse and distribution solutions identify traditional print and apply systems as bottlenecks. Evolabel eliminates that bottleneck with the new QuickTamp solution.

The fast and flexible label printer applicator is based on Evolabel’s unique Tactile apply solution, where the movement constantly is monitored and controlled, making the system totally safe for any user or object accidentally getting in its way. If the movement is restricted, the system will immediately stop and alert with an alarm or warning.

Driven by a pulse encoder controlled stepper motor, the carbon fiber shaft holding the label firmly with a patented 3D printed applicator pad, moves quickly until it finds its target and applies the label with high precision from a distance of up to 3.2 feet. The lightweight solution allows high acceleration and apply speed of up to 300 fpm. This enables moving the label from the printer to the package only holding it by the force of the air resistance. Thus, the moving part is both free from electrical cabling and free from air tubes that would wear over time, resulting in more uptime and better economy.

A height measuring sensor simplifies installation and ensures that the label is being applied at the right position, even if the height of the package changes randomly and the line speed is up to 260 fpm. Alternatively, the height information can be transferred to the printer together with the label data and layout.

OUTDOOR ZONE no-bite Mosquito Repellent PouchesMosquitoPaQ™ OUTDOOR ZONE no-bite Mosquito Repellent Pouches (patented) can be best described as “The Pouch is the Product”. A World first – no other pouch product exists that functions this way.The Zone pouch has two compartments. The frangible seal has a unique sealing process. The smaller pouch is loaded with the dry formula and the larger second compartment with the water/oil mixture.

The Standup pouch with significant attention to area dimensions is rolled and the frangible seal is broken, the contents are shaken, the corner spout cap removed and the pouch is hung about 4’ from the ground in a shady spot. Gas is emitted (not harmful to humans, animals or fauna) that indirectly attracts the female mosquito who is expecting to find a lot of pregnant women in the area. Surprise to her receptors and the pat. pending recipe in the gas confounds her protein receptors that she forgets the need to bite and feeds her eggs sucrose sweet solutions.

This pouch continues to emit for 15-20 days and all females exposed are confounded the same way. Continued treatment provides a safe secure zone around the home, campsite, school and people gathering areas. A 15 day GardenPaQ™ is also available with a 2 Pouch process. The materials used in the pouch are PET / Nylon / PE and a PE closure. All materials can be incinerated, especially in Florida with 14 WASTE–to–Energy plants and no landfill. This is an all-natural, world-wide solution.


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Active Packaging for Vacuum Packed Poultry MeatBemis has developed a new active packaging technology to help poultry processors reduce food waste and contribute to the USDA-EPA sponsored ‘Food Waste Challenge’ initiative. Poultry is a high value protein that contributes significantly to US food waste statistics with as much as 4% lost at the retail level ($3 billion) and 18% at the consumer level ($12 billion)1. The Bemis packaging innovation will reduce losses at retail and consumer levels by reducing premature disposal due to confinement odor. The new packaging film will also help poultry processors establish precise product ‘sell-by’ dates that are consistent with consumer perceptions of freshness.

The development of confinement odor restricts the wide-spread use of oxygen barrier in poultry packaging. The Bemis packaging innovation prevents incidences of premature confinement odor in barrier packaging. The packaging film uses potassium sorbate, an FDA-compliant additive with a long history of use in the food industry, to complement the existing oxygen barrier technology.  The package is pending USDA FSIS review to confirm no special labeling requirements. 


[1] Buzby, Jean C. and Farah-Wells, Hodan and Hyman, Jeffrey, The Estimated Amount, Value, and Calories of Postharvest Food Losses at the Retail and Consumer Levels in the United States (February 1, 2014). USDA-ERS Economic Information Bulletin Number 121.




Contura S400 Leak DetectorThe Contura S400 Leak Detector provides rapid, reliable leak detection of flexible packages in the food industry. It ensures the integrity of seals and seams where vacuum leak detection methods fail; significantly reducing consumer dissatisfaction and the manufacturer’s processing costs while increasing manufacturer reputation through consistent durable goods and defect-free packaging.

The principal application for the Contura S400 Leak Detector is in production line quality control at food packaging manufacturers. The primary advantage of using Contura S400 is the reduction of product failure rates during production, saving manufacturers significant operational time and money. The instrument can uniquely provide important data that tell system operators when there is a negative tendency in leak rates before they exceed the specified limits, which is critical in stopping the process before significant amounts of product pass through.

The part under test is put on the lower membrane. A lid (carrying the upper membrane) is closed and starts the measuring process automatically. The leak rate is displayed after a few seconds and a go/no-go signal is released depending on a set threshold. The biggest advantage of this technology is that it protects seal integrity. Although the instrument draws vacuum between the membranes, the seals cannot burst because the mechanical stress is taken away by the flexible membranes covering the sealing tightly from both sides.

The construction and programming of Contura S400 provide extraordinary simplicity and ease-of-use. The operator does not need intensive training or special education to use the instrument efficiently.

Mammoth Rollstock Packaging MachineUltraSource introduces the Mammoth® Rollstock Packaging machine for large production clients that features a 620mm maximum web width and unique pneumatic tooling slide that enables faster, easier and safer tool changes. The Mammoth is a versatile and high capacity machine at a competitive price point making it an exceptional value.

Innovative Features
» Virtually infinite expansion in 4-ft. or 8-ft. sections from base 20 ft. machine
» Minimum 460mm web width and maximum 620mm web width
» The Mammoth® has an innovative pneumatic tooling slide that enables faster, easier and safer tool changes.
» Advanced Ethernet PLC controls with HD touchscreen and embedded tutorial instructions to facilitate proper use and training
» Heavy duty construction including 4 post die lifts and 3 HP rated gearbox
» Upper and lower live film unwinds to facilitate film tracking and optimize machine performance

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BiopelleBiopelle Inc. faced a significant challenge in trying to find the ideal package for their very unique and high potency serum product Tensage® Intensive Serum 50. The formula includes natural, rare oils, secretions and incipients which results in a product that is be significantly superior to other skin damage treatments caused by ultraviolet light, says Jenell Chubb, Director of Operations at Biopelle, Inc.. There was a worldwide search to find a unit dose package that could meet all their requirements. Of critical importance was compatibility of the formula with the materials of the primary container. Another key consideration in designing the package was the ability for the package to have a high value appearance while allowing the consumer to easily dispense the product without removing any part of the container.





Tech-Awards-Finalist_Cheer-Pack.pngFilm and Fitment

  • System is designed exclusively for ambient fill of shelf life stable products

  • Hot and retort filling

  • Shapes

  • Fill volume 300-500ml

Pouch supply

  • Pouch potentially filled two ways:

  • On a rail for automation loading into the filler.Cap will be applied after fill and then induction

  • Pouches supplied with the cap and the induction seal in place.Filling through the open end of the pouch

Fill through fitment

  • Pouches supplied on a rail for automatic feeding

  • Fill through fitment

  • Apply and torque cap

  • Apply induction seal

Fill through open end of pouch

  • Pouches will be premade with the cap and induction seal

  • Filler will open the top edge of the pouch

  • Fill product and seal

Cap system

  • Various cap dispensing designs are possible including with and without membrane

  • Induction seal- removable foil


The Vetraco UV Modular digital printing machine model M Flat Print® prints on any flat/embossed/debossed surface: plastic, metal, glass…, the UV digital printing machine model C Print prints on any cylindrical surface: plastic, metal, glass…

The Digital Printing equipment C Print S® is the best solution to handle the increasing demands of agility, from single piece to huge runs in a matter of seconds.

Vetraco UV Modular Printers are mass production digital printing machines. They designed to work 24/7, and combine high output with the unlimited flexibility, print quality and low cost of digital printing. It is the perfect choice for printing high definition images for dedicated jobs for high level and demanding customers.

Their Modular design allows us to customize it according to your required production output, automation level and printing/finishing specs.                                                  

Features of our Vetraco UV Modular Printers are:

  • Inkjet technology with UV curable ink
  • High image resolution
  • Low printing costs: 100 x 100 mm 4-color printing = $ 0.01
  • No films, plates or screen preparation needed
  • Job change in a few seconds
  • Excellent image print quality
  • Accepts all standard file formats (jpg, tiff, pdf, eps, ps)
  • Ideal for print quantities from one piece to full production
  • Serialized/personalized printing
  • Easy to manage

Imagine the ability to print your tubes, jars, bottles, compacts and other packaging on site, either online with your filling/assembly line or offline for JIT delivery to the line. Changeover is tool free and digital printing eliminates the downtime of conventional printing methods.

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Bausch+Ströbel is taking an entirely new approach to external cleaning of vials and other packaging materials. Instead of the usual mix of water and cleaning solution, a new CO2 Snow Jet Cleaning process is now used for cleaning the exterior of containers. This offers huge advantages over the conventional cleaning method, especially when it comes to removing toxic or highly active substances.

CO2 Snow Jet Cleaning systems use solid CO2 ice crystals as a jet medium. With its combination of mechanical, thermal and chemical properties, CO2 snow is able to gently detach and remove a whole variety of surface contamination.  The CO2 snow jet cleaning process utilizes liquid carbon dioxide, which is discharged from a two-component nozzle and expands under atmospheric pressure to form ice crystals (solidification). These crystals impinge at high velocity on the surface of the material to be cleaned, where they change from a solid state to a gaseous state (sublimation). This process is non-abrasive and, therefore, does not alter the surface structure of the container being cleaned.  Developed at the Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart, Germany, the sublimation-impulse technique is the most efficient process to date for cleaning with CO2 snow worldwide.


Thanks to the latest advancements in vision technologies, expertise in inspections systems combined with deep learning, computer vision and data analytics, Antares Vision develops solutions for high-demand sectors, such as pharma, based on a unique R&D approach. The latest result is the LYO-CHECK, a machine designed for the visual inspection of lyophilized pharmaceutical preparations for injection (parenteralia) disruptive, patented innovations.

LYO-CHECK Benefits and Advantages

  • High throughput (up to 600 containers/minute)
  • High accuracy: 100% cosmetic inspection with detection of defects
  • High reliability: multiple and dedicated lighting configuration to enhance defects and minimize the risk of false rejection
  • Non-destructive integrity check and in-line process
  • control with Head Space Gas Analysis
  • Automatic rejection system with various outlet channels depending on the nature of the defect
  • Multiple high-resolution camera inspection system with high speed image processors
  • Wizard menu for new recipe or modification of current recipe
  • Fully automatic height adjustment of carousel by servo-assisted screw jacks to accommodate different vial sizes
  • Handling system with grippers which allows for easier bottom inspection as well as higher diffusion of light
  • The carousel design with external telescopic columns allows for easy access for both maintenance and cleaning procedures




The SP Thermoformer is a unique and evolutionary new machine that produces rigid and flexible blisters using a unique process utilising a rotary drum. The SP Thermoformer is a high output compact design machine initially designed for the medical device industry but now also entering into the food sector. The SP machine comes in 8 sizes allowing maximum optimisation for pack sizes and throughput required. Pack sizes up to 620mm x 250mm x 100mm can be produced on the machine. With integrated printing, die cutting, MAP gas flushing and Vacuum systems the SP machine is designed to make any thermoformed pack required.

Baking & Snack Award

Intelligent Robotic Decoring technology
FTNON FTNON has developed a unique robot solution for the decoring of lettuce and cabbage in the fresh produce industry, the CoreTakr. It scans lettuce in a scan cabinet with 5 camera’s that jointly reconstruct a spatial 3D model of each head. The core is detected based on intelligent feature detection. A robot picks and rotates the lettuce and places it into the precision decorer.

Hygienic Design
The CoreTakr features no hollow structures, but sheet material only. It is easy to clean and maintain and has minimal cavities. In the cleaning mode sensitive cameras are protected. All components are built to last and withstand harsh conditions to guarantee a hygienic solution.

Data driven processing lines
The FTNON Robotic systems are used to automate repetitive human labour in fresh food applications, in a safe and extremely hygienic way, but generate lots of useful data as well. Both raw material data and process data and machine data are stored and used to predict maintenance, optimize machine effectiveness and product quality. It is but just our first step in automating fresh food processing lines.

Pearson’s robotic pack solutions are custom designed and scalable to meet product, case, pack pattern and speed requirements. This demonstrational system showcases a variety of Pearson’s secondary packing capabilities and overcomes the challenges associated with retail-ready packaging.

At the product handling station, a FANUC SCARA SR‐6 uses vision and line tracking to identify the orientation and location of random lay-flat doy pouches traveling around the product conveyor. The four-axis robot uses a custom end-of-arm vacuum tool to pick individual products and place them into carriages mounted to a MagneMotion continuous-motion conveyor with independent cart technology. For horizontal packing, the pouches are placed flat into the Pearson-designed carriages. For vertical packing, the pouches are up-ended by a hinged pneumatic cylinder on the end-of-arm tool.

At the cross-facing pack station, a FANUC M20iB/25 receives the circulating products. The position of the products is determined with the use of vision and line tracking to ensure consistent and accurate picking. The articulated arm robot is equipped with a dual-function end-of-arm tool that rotates to accommodate both horizontal and vertical pack patterns.

In horizontal pack mode, a vacuum tool picks pouches one at a time, and places them in three layers into a case. The tool achieves a shingled product pack by rotating 180 degrees. In vertical pack mode, the second end-of-arm tool grips three products simultaneously by the tops of the pouches and places them upright into the case. This pack mode is ideally-suited to meet retail-ready packaging requirements. 


Specright is a cloud-based software platform for managing specification data and documents. The software was created to make it easier for consumer goods and manufacturing companies to store, share, analyze, and audit their packaging - boxes, bottles, bags, labels, and more. The tool has expanded to now enable businesses to manage their full Bill of Materials - starting with raw materials & ingredients, connecting into formulas & recipes, and rolling up to finished products. Ultimately, Specright helps companies reduce costs and save time by giving them control of their specifications. Specright features a user-friendly interface and tools for supplier management, SKU consolidation/optimization, digital approvals, and much more.

Specific to the Prepared Foods industry, Specright provides a solution for:

  • Seamless allergen rollups from raw materials to finished goods
  • Differentiated plant and line-specific formula variations
  • Workflows and reporting on customer complaints
  • Closed loop Quality Assurance processes, including Certificate of Analysis tracking
  • Automated cost-savings recommendations on packaging components
  • Co-packer portal to ensure one source of truth for all partners and suppliers

In summary, Specright provides an intelligent software platform to increase the efficiency and reduce the costs of manufacturing and consumer goods companies.



The Technology Excellence Awards Panelists Were:

  • Stephanie Neil, Editor-In-Chief of OEM Magazine
  • Ronald Puvak, Managing Director, Contract Packaging Association
  • Matt Reynolds, Editor, Packaging World
  • Dr. Bruce Welt, Professor (Packaging Engineering) - Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, University of Florida
  • Carlos Diaz, Associate Professor (Packaging Science) - College of Applied Science & Technology, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Jane Chase, Executive Director, Institute of Packaging Professionals
  • Pat Reynolds, VP Editor Emeritus, Packaging World

Thank you for your contribution!

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