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PACK EXPO International Is the Main Event for Packaging in Every Industry

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PACK EXPO International Is the Main Event for Packaging in Every Industry

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With 2,500 exhibitors under one roof, PACK EXPO International provides a unique opportunity for you to discover crossover solutions from a wide variety of industries.

You won’t want to miss:

  • Digital packaging solutions that deliver high-end looks, customizability and small-run feasibility in the new PACKage Printing Pavilion.
  • Materials and containers that reduce waste, increase sustainability and enhance your brand—in the Containers and Materials Pavilion.
  • Reusable assets for increasing efficiency and sustainability in your supply chain—in the Reusable Packaging Pavilion.




Online retailer scores productivity gains

An e-commerce sports apparel retailer, quadrupled productivity and saved space with bag packaging system.



Dressing makes switch from glass to PET

A new PET container for salad dressing is recyclable, BPA-free and lighter, making it easier to stack, ship, and more efficient to transport.



Private brands leverage today’s trends

Retailers key in on consumer trends, offering innovation and quality in their products and packaging that meets or exceeds multinational brands.



Innovative packaging propels performance

Desiccant-lined plastic vials improve packaging efficiencies and user convenience for testing combustible jet fuel..



Flexible packaging expands brand/grows business

A conversion to a pouch with a pour and lock closure system attracts consumer needs and behaviors.



Serialization’s potential across industries

Companies across different industries consider the most important advantages of serialization to be protection against piracy and greater transparency in the logistics chain.