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PACK EXPO International Is the Main Event for Food Packaging

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PACK EXPO International Is the Main Event for Food Packaging

foodRegulatory mandates as well as the better-for-you, natural and on-the-go trends are putting big demands on the food industry. You’ll find all the packaging solutions you need to safeguard your products, keep clean-label food fresh, update your look and more at PACK EXPO International.

Be sure to look for:

  • Safety-enhancing solutions such as code-scanning systems.
  • Variably sized and shaped compartments, single-serve packages, pouches and more in the Containers and Materials Pavilion.
  • Better sealants, films and other technologies for enhancing shelf life.
  • Digital packaging solutions that deliver high-end looks, customizability and small-run feasibility in the new PACKage Printing Pavilion.



Revolutionizing case packing

Vegan cheese switches to robotic case packing for vacuum packs and flexible bags in multiple case sizes, using one system to handle product from four lines.



Design creates inclusive organics

Packaging for new affordable organic food brand makes products eye-catching and approachable.



Salad dressing moves from glass to PET

A new recyclable, BPA-free and lighter container for salad dressing maintains premium look.



Snack produce uses promotional approach

Resembling team jerseys, the bags play to fan enthusiasm for World Cup while drawing attention to the snack tomatoes for health-conscious consumers.



Industry Focus on Brand Protection

With the onset of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the rising cost of recalls and the increase in counterfeit products, the food and beverage industry seek brand protection solutions.



High Pressure Processing helps keep products fresh without preservatives

In the past, the most common way to safely increase shelf life was through preservatives, additives or heat processing. But now, with the growth of High Pressure Processing (HPP), food manufacturers can deliver a fresh product with reduced or no chemical preservatives – as well as without the sodium these additives may contain.



Staying on top by staying in front

Greek yogurt leader plumbs the depths of its brand along with consumer desires to create exciting new package designs that reflect its goal of universal wellness.



Seafood design with consumer in mind

New package graphics convey the high quality of its 30-plus SKUs and invite consumers to picture a relaxing, healthy, and easy meal.