why exhibit

Why Exhibit?

Put Your Products in the Spotlight

Because PACK EXPO International and Healthcare Packaging EXPO 2020 are North America’s biggest packaging events, exhibiting is essential to a strong marketing strategy. You’ll accomplish several critical goals in less time and at a much lower cost than making sales calls.

According to studies by the Center for Exhibition Research (CEIR), it’s 83% less expensive to meet a prospect face-to-face at a trade show than in the field.

Top 6 Reasons to Exhibit

  1. Gain Priceless Exposure: Reach attendees from 40+ vertical industries seeking to improve their operations. 240,375 exhibitors were added to personal agendas in 2018.
  2. Get Great Leads: 2/3 of attendees are in management or engineering and are on the hunt for solutions.
  3. Be Seen as a Leader: Because PACK EXPO is the industry’s defining event, your presence is vital to your reputation.   
  4. Build Relationships: Now more than ever, it is important to reconnect with your customers and develop key relationships.
  5. The Industry Needs You: Manufacturing is essential to the global supply chain and your customers are looking for ways to address changing consumer needs.
  6. Save Time & Money: Because you’ll connect with all kinds of prospects in one place, you’ll minimize your cost per lead.

why exhibit69% of end users still rely on an in-person demo at a trade show to influence their decision.

Despite more online channel options, trade show importance remains strong. Exhibitors will need a multi-channel approach that includes not only strong web presence, but also in-person communication at events, to maximize opportunities.

Source: Machinery End User Buying Process and Perspectives Report, PMMI Media Group Fall 2019

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“We had tremendous booth traffic and gathered not only a high quantity of leads, but more importantly, high-quality leads.”

Ashley Levesque, Marketing Manager, Soft Robotics Inc.

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