PACK EXPO International
Robotics Showcase

Future Innovators Robotics Showcase

The ‘Bots are taking over PACK EXPO International and Healthcare Packaging EXPO

Future Innovators Robotic ShowcaseCome see high school robotics teams from the across the country showcase their 'bot' skills. You can:

- Ask about their robot design

- Inquire about the competition

- Check out their innovations


Meet these talented teens and see their creations in action in the Upper Lakeside Center, booth E-6620. 

  9:00 - 1:00 1:00 - 5:00
October 14 St. George's School 3313 Mechatronics
October 15 New Prairie Oak Creek: Roundtable Robotics
October 16 ADCO Team (TBD) Memphis Mech-Warriors
October 17 Chicago-area teams until 3:00 pm  



The Future Innovators Robotics Showcase is made possible from the support of the following companies:


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