Attendee Testimonials

Healthcare Packaging EXPO Attendee Testimonials

Here’s what Healthcare Packaging EXPO attendees have to say about the show.

Testimonial #1

This was our first time at PACK EXPO International and Healthcare Packaging EXPO. We're interested in leak detection and container closure for injectables, and one of our vendors invited us to see its equipment in person. Being here answered a lot of our questions and reassurance about how the technology works and the solutions it can provide. We may now make a purchase of the equipment. 

– Anita Sharma, Akron Pharma

Testimonial #2

Through PACK EXPO International and Healthcare Packaging EXPO, we were exposed to a new vendor that we wouldn't have considered otherwise. It's been helpful to be here and see new or alternative technologies, as well as newer models of equipment. New equipment for modernizing and for cleanability caught our interest, like robust design for clean-in-place and new system integration technology. 

– Liz Wiczer, Abbott

Testimonial #3

I came to PACK EXPO International [and Healthcare Packaging EXPO] to find a case erector for position style-box types for packaging medical device products. It's a challenge, but what I have seen is promising. It's been a good experience to have so many solutions in one area.

– Vance White, Sterimed Inc.

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