The Main Event for Personal Care Production Packaging Innovation

At PACK EXPO International, discover out-of-the-box solutions for your liquids, creams, gels, sticks, powders and more!

  • Advanced technologies that reduce waste without sacrificing appeal and function
  • Versatile and customizable solutions, such as flexible labeling systems
  • Materials and containers that preserve freshness, reduce material usage and enhance your brand
  • Contract packaging suppliers

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Located in the Upper North Building

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Explore exciting new possibilities for your brand, including:

  • New containers and materials that enhance your brand
  • Flexibles and resealables for great functionality
  • Printing and labeling breakthroughs to update your look

See who’s exhibiting in The Containers and Materials Pavilion.

Also see the 13th annual Showcase of Packaging Innovations®—an inspiring display of award-winning packaging designs.

The Showcase of Packaging Innovations® is sponsored by The Dow Chemical Company

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Discover Supply Chain Efficiencies

Education will be happening throughout the show floor—on the Innovation Stage, in the Food Safety Summit Resource Center and Reusable Packaging Learning Center. Check for session details in the show planning tool. 

Don’t Miss the Reusable Packaging Pavilion

Located in the Upper Lakeside Center

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Talk with exhibitors and attend informative presentations to learn how reusable packaging can be the key to: 

  • Reducing waste
  • Cutting costs
  • Boosting sustainability 

See who’s exhibiting in The Reusable Packaging Pavilion.

Sponsored by The Reusable Packaging Association

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Free Education on the Show Floor

Check in the show planning tool for details on free sessions to be offered at these venues:

  • Innovation Stage
  • Food Safety Summit Resource Center
  • Reusable Packaging Learning Center

PMMI LogoPulse—News from the Personal Care Industry

Dual Spout Delivery
Featured in Healthcare Packaging
A personal care provider focused on enhancing the consumer experience, and redesigned its oral care product for functionality and shelf-appeal. It employed a tapered bottle that widens at its base and a dual pour spout that allows the consumer to activate two liquid solutions from two bottles simultaneously. Continue reading…

Big Things From a Small Package
Featured in Healthcare Packaging
Nanotechnology allowed a manufacturer of advanced airless dispensers its newest—and smallest—model yet. When the product is dispensed, the integrated sliding piston moves upwards by the amount of the removed product, preventing air from entering the product container. This method effectively protects creams, gels, lotions, and pastes from the effects of oxidation and prevents contamination. Continue reading…

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