The Main Event for Food Packaging Trends and Processing Machinery

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At PACK EXPO International you’ll find more innovations in food processing and packaging than at any food processing expo in 2016. Discover food packaging trends and see food processing machinery in action. Highlights include:

  • State-of-the-art automation and robotics 
  • Integrated systems and networking
  • Technologies that ensure food safety, chain of custody and security
  • Digital printing and labeling breakthroughs

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Your First Stop for Food Processing Machinery

Located in the Upper Lakeside Center

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Explore front-of-the-line solutions that deliver the safety and quality you need at the efficiency and productivity levels you strive to achieve. 

Make Connections with Industry Peers

Located in the South Building

Enjoy networking, Ask-the-Expert sessions and special receptions (Tuesday, November 8 from 3:30 pm to 530 pm) in:

The Baking & Snack Break Lounge is hosted by B&CMA and sponsored by Dorner Manufacturing Company. 

B&CMA LogoDorner Manufacturing

The Candy Bar Lounge is hosted by the National Confectioners Association and sponsored by Matrix Packaging Machinery.

 Matrix Promach 

Get Fresh Ideas

Located in the Upper North Building

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Explore exciting new possibilities for your brand, including:

  • Advanced technologies that reduce material usage
  • Labeling systems that provide greater flexibility
  • Containers that enhance your brand

 See who’s exhibiting in The Containers and Materials Pavilion

Also explore the 13th annual Showcase of Packaging Innovations®—an inspiring display of award-winning packaging designs.

The Showcase of Packaging Innovations® is sponsored by The Dow Chemical Company

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Discover Supply Chain Efficiencies

Located in the Upper Lakeside Center

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Talk with exhibitors and attend informative presentations to learn how reusable packaging can be the key to:

  • Reducing waste
  • Cutting costs
  • Boosting sustainability 

See who’s exhibiting in The Reusable Packaging Pavilion.

Sponsored by the Reusable Packaging Association

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Free Education on the Show Floor

Check in the show planning tool for details on free sessions to be offered at these venues:

  • Innovation Stage
  • Food Safety Summit Resource Center
  • Reusable Packaging Learning Center

PMMI Logo Pulse—News from the Food Industry

Is Your Package Organic?
Featured in Food Safety Magazine
It is important for manufacturers of organic or clean-label products to look beyond the ingredients in the mixer and select packaging that helps them deliver on brand promises of purity. Suppliers are working to provide materials and containers that meet these consumer expectations, as the growth of organic options does not appear to be slowing anytime soon. Continue reading…

Eco-conscious is Here to Stay
Featured in Food Engineering
Sustainability continues to be a top purchasing driver among food consumers. A recent global survey found over 50 percent of consumers consider sustainability when purchasing a product with 66 percent willing to pay more for these products. The latest Global Packaging Trends Report from PMMI also identifies environmental impact as a key trend driving innovation in primary packaging. Continue reading… 

“Diet” and “Fat-free” Won’t Do
Featured in Food Manufacturing
Brand owners that understand and aim to attract the progressive health and wellness consumer will clearly communicate wholesomeness and nutritional benefits. Companies that emphasize “gluten free” and “all natural” attributes on their packaging make it easy for consumers in search of these qualities to zero in on these products amid crowded store shelves. Continue reading…

Chemical-free Snack Pack
Featured in Packaging Strategies
As health-conscious snack food consumers pay more attention to the substances that enter their bodies and the environment, they also expect that organic food packaging will be all-around ecologically friendly to ensure they aren’t consuming any “accidental” ingredients. Continue reading…

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