It’s Like a Food Processing Expo within PACK EXPO International

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Located in the Upper Lakeside Center

If you’re looking at food processing trade shows, PACK EXPO International will be this year’s main event. You’ll find processing solutions for a variety of industries, adding up to more innovation than you’ll see at any single food processing expo, poultry expo, dairy show or bakery show in 2016.

Your starting point for locating modern process equipment at PACK EXPO International is in The Processing Zone. 

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Paradigm Shift in Global Food
Featured in Meatingplace
Price pressure from the food and beverage sectors is forecast to be the highest of any industry in the coming decade. Each retailer has the ability to request differentiation on products and product packaging – and they’re taking full advantage. In turn the consumer is requesting new assurances, whether it be healthier organic produce, prepackaged meals or short shelf-life natural juices. Continue reading…

Pure from Process to Package
Featured in Packaging Strategies
Health-conscious food consumers are paying more attention to the substances that enter their bodies and the environment. They expect organic food packaging to not only be ecologically friendly but also as chemical and additive-free as the food they consume. Continue reading…

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